In the first week of the course students will be immersed in the world of SciArt via lectures, workshops and practical activities. Click through the following pages to learn more about our workshops, lectures and activities. 

Facilitated by the Sci|Art instructors, in the second week of the course, students engage with the content by conceptually and technically proposing and developing a final project within chosen areas of focus. 



1.  Expose students to the works of scientists and artists that explore new forms of creative expression, communication, and collaboration within this multidisciplinary field. 

2.  Highlight historical perspectives and modern trends at the interface of art, science and technology. 

3.  Introduce students to current scientific and artistic research 

4.  Promote the exploration of creative aspects of scientific research and innovation. 

5.  Offer broad understanding of the impact of science on contemporary art and popular culture. 

6.  Promote the development of proposals and ideas that could serve as prototypes for either art projects or scientific research study. 



Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to: 

1. Recognize the connections between cutting-edge scientific research, popular culture and contemporary art.

2. Distinguish historical perspectives and modern trends at the interface of art, science and technology.

3. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the wide spectrum of scientific topics that directly influence culture at large.

4. Differentiate the implications of theory and practice on the application of scientific and artistic concepts.

5. Assess the implications of social, political and ethical contexts that influence scientific and technological innovation and paradigm shifts.

6. Propose an original concept for a collaborative project under the challenge of ‘Imagine the Impossible’. 




● The Sci|Art Lab+Studio team offers a series of hands-on workshops that introduce you 

to multidisciplinary topics through a short lecture and then a quick exercise.

● Students are required to attend all lectures / workshops.

● Students will choose four topics covered that they will expand on with longer projects 

that will be further developed for midterm and finals.



● A collection of online live and/or recorded daily lectures, delivered by a team of SciArt 

Instructors that serve to highlight historical perspectives and modern trends at the 

interface of art, science and technology.

● In addition, a collection of special seminars given by leaders and visionaries in the fields 

of art and science supplement the course materials.

● These lectures and subsequent discussions serve to stimulate an open discourse 

between the students and active participants in these fields in a comfortable, 

low-pressure setting.

● In order to expand discussion, encourage student participation and foster learning, 

recorded lectures will be available on the course website the day after they are delivered.



● An undeniable connection between science, culture, imagination and creativity has 

undoubtedly manifested through science fiction writing and film.

● To facilitate a conversation regarding the historical impacts of science fiction on both 

popular culture and ongoing trends in technology, a Sci-Fi Film Series is curated by the Sci|Art Team. Students are also encouraged to suggest movies they would like to share.



Reduce, reuse and recycle are strongly encouraged in this course. See Workshop Material List



Students are required to:

 ● Have access to a device with internet access.

● Login to the course site ​​ daily.

● Attend Zoom (US and Europe) / Ding Talk (Asia) meetings (links will be available in the course site under schedule).

  • Interact on Slack