Introduction to Sci|Art Lab+Studio Welcome Art & Science | collaborations: Towards a Third culture | Prof. Victoria Vesna

CNSI Welcome | Dr. Adam Stieg

Sci Art Collaborations | Prof. JamesGimzewski

Lecture: Nanotechnology: Time to be Really Small | Vuk Uskoković

Lecture: Tools of Visualization | Dr. Adam Stieg

Sam Lilak

Lecture/Workshop: Mycology kaitlin bryson

Discussion: 3D computer graphics and VR for SciArt | Prof. Victoria Vesna

Lecture: Extreme Environments | Scott Hessels

Lecture: Micrometeorites on Earth | Shane Houchin

Lecture/Workshop: CRISPR + Applications | Sam LoCascio

Lecture/Workshop: Clarissa Ribeiro Workshop: Psychobiotonic: anthropophagy at a molecular level | Clarissa Ribeiro

Lecture/Workshop: Molecules in VR | Zeynep Abes

Lectures will be provided for students each day featuring diverse scientists, artists and scholars around the world that correspond to the day’s topic. The lectures are followed up and elaborated by hands-on workshops, so the students are able to directly apply the information.

You can learn more about past guest lecturers HERE!